Cardinal Napier and a Mild Case of Paedophilia

“Paedophilia as a psychological illness, a disorder, not a criminal condition”, said Wilfrid Fox Napier, the Catholic Archbishop of Durban. In an interview with the Stephen Nolan programme on BBC Radio 5 live, the South African cardinal said that people who were themselves abused as children and then abused others needed to be examined by […]

Christians Grow Anxious in 100% Islamic Sudan

KHARTOUM – When Pastor Kamis went to visit his small church in the Sudanese capital just before Christmas last year, he found a pile of rubble and the remains of a single blue wall. Hours earlier, authorities had sent in a bulldozer and workers backed by police to demolish the Africa Inland church, which used […]

Does religion have a monopoly on morality?

South Africa’s murder rate is currently placed 10th in the world. That is certainly an improvement, of sorts. We still proudly boast to have the worst rape statistics in the world, violence against children is one of our gravest social ills, and if you add other crime figures, few would doubt South Africa’s status as […]

Freedom of Religion vs Free Speech

The SA Human Rights Commission declared that the contents of a book called “Die Raadsplan”, by Pastor Willie Smit from the Free State based Living Hope Ministries amount to hate speech, and recommended that the Film and Publications board take steps to remove it from all distribution channels.  “I found the church publication offensive and […]