Magic is real in Nigeria

Nigeria is a magical place where magic exist. People believe it therefore it must be true, right? Teekay Akin provides his view on the phenomenon.

Did you know that in Nigeria, the majority still believe magic is real? They assume that what David Blaine, Criss Angel and Prof. Pellar do and did is actually real! They believe humans were really sawed in half and then joined together. Just a really disturbing fact! How do a people get this ignorant and stupid?

With all these jazz, juju and evil forces Nigerians so much claim and box themselves into fear with, one will wonder why Nigeria isn’t the greatest military nation on earth.

They claim these forces feed on blood, witches and wizards etc, blood rituals, human sacrifices, some powers turning a baby in a yam tuber, a man into a goat and a host of other rubbish, but somehow the biggest bloodshed on earth – wars their so called forces are missing out on. I mean, what more way to quench your blood thirst than wars? So why are all these forces and powers not transmitting into military might? Where were they during the capture, invasion and slavery of our kind? And even thereafter for centuries?

They claim to have seen people who were re-called from abroad through juju, but not one juju could re-call our kind who were enslaved, not one could re-call all our money in foreign banks, or artefacts in their museums. NOT ONE!

It is just insane to say the least, but in a society that is built on fear, folly, sheer stupidity and ignorance, you can understand why people question nothing, just bow to fear, folly and keep regurgitating the same rubbish.
Did you know in Nigeria many still believe magic is real? Did you know? And the year is 2013! This is just a disgrace to human intelligence, an insult to humanity!’

Have you seen Nigerians waging spiritual warfare? It’s hilarious and quite sad, to say the least. How many wars have spiritual warfare won? How many problems has it solved?

Look at the nations and people that gave you the religions and god and tales, did the Europeans and Arabs sit back in their lands and waged a spiritual warfare on you in Africa before they came and invaded, destroyed and stole while murdering hundreds of millions? Have they sat back in their various wars all through history and made it a spiritual one?

Even the most recent war on terror, why have they not said our battles are spiritual, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood? Why have they not said that?

But while you fools sit around, other men are better understanding the world based on reality, and you cling to your illusions and tales. You keep praying and fighting spiritual wars while they are fighting the one that matters most and controlling the world, even your own very lands. How naive, and ignorant can you be, Africans? How irresponsible and stupid could we really be to have fallen for this?

Teekay Akin
Free Africa Project, FAP, Nigeria

5 thoughts on “Magic is real in Nigeria

    • Does one have to be open minded to see things that are seemingly real? There isn’t voodoo or hoodoo doing anything. Nigerian society only reinforces the belief in all that crap. Have you ever thought maybe that the fact that Nigerians believe in juju actually actively harms our ability to develop as a society?

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