Protest For A Secular Tunisia

Atheism in Tunisia: Diverse and Vibrant, Yet Still Taboo

The waiter, who had a remarkable number of piercings, put drops of flower water in our coffee before sprinkling some of the ambrosial-scented liquid on our hands as well. “My grandma used to do this for good luck and for its refreshing scent,’’ the waiter explained before he left. I was sitting in one of downtown Tunis’ […]

Ugandan Atheist

The Less Than 1%: How Uganda’s Atheists Are Fighting Back

In many countries around the world, religious groups are pushing for conservative social policies and retaining their grip on society by dominating the public discourse and provision of social services. In Uganda, an extraordinarily religious country, the small but vocal atheist movement is pushing back — hard. Although Ugandan law guarantees religious freedom, the reality is […]

Human Soul

Evolution and the Soul

Theists are constantly on about this nebulous entity they call the SOUL. It really is at the core of many theistic religions since it is the soul that is ultimately rewarded or that pays the ultimate price. What is a soul exactly and how did it come to be in humans and at what precise […]

Gay Equality in Nigeria

Why You Should Be Worried About Nigeria’s Anti-gay Laws

Before You Proceed Two guiding premises underlie this article. The first is this: this article does not support or reject homosexuality as a sexual orientation. The purpose of this article is not to plead the cause of homosexuality as a lifestyle—there are many who have done that, and this is no place to rehash the […]

Pink Tokoloshe Salt

Fight Evil with Tokoloshe Salt

MBOMBELA – The tokoloshe may have once again met its match as thousands of people are buying special Tokoloshe Salt to nip the evil spirit in the bud. The salt, which was invented in the ’50s, has made a comeback in the Mpumalanga province of South Africa and is literally flying off the shelves. The salt was […]

Sign announcing the daytime closure of a restaurant during Ramadan

Tunisians Disagree on Fasting and Closure of Cafes During Ramadan

Adult Muslims traditionally fast from dawn until sunset during the month of Ramadan, which begins in Tunisia this year on July 10. Fasting is one of the five pillars, or duties, of Islam that Muslims are obliged to follow. Refraining  from fasting is not only religiously prohibited for Muslims in Tunisia, but is also socially […]

The rise of atheism in modern Kenya

The Rise of Atheism in Modern Kenya

In the deeply religious society that is Kenya, Ssemakula Mukiibi stands out like a sore thumb over his beliefs… or, more appropriately, lack thereof. The 45-year-old computer scientist says he does not believe in the existence of God, even though he would like to have a supernatural being to revere. He has gone through various […]

Mass Extinction

Geology Proves There Is No God

Geology diametrically opposes theism in one word: meteorites. Did a deity really go through all that trouble to meticulously plan billions of years of development specifically to have a few thousand years of existence for humans? John Williams explores outer space. Intelligent Design generally ascribes to the “anthropic principle”. The strong anthropic principle (SAP) states […]

European Union

EU Guidelines on Religion and Belief

The EU Foreign Affairs Council recently adopted a report with 71 Guidelines on freedom of religion and belief. And while the guidelines don’t have legal force (EU guidelines that end up being legally enforceable are “regulations”), they nevertheless offer a clue as to the direction that particular councils are hoping for legislation to go. Furthermore, they send […]


Signs of the Second Coming

Dear Friends I write to you to warn you to be on the lookout for these signs of the Second Coming Of Jesus: Sign 1: The Bible says there will be wars and rumours of wars. Since the advent of CNN,we no longer have rumours of wars, we now have live real-time coverage. So the […]