Signs of the Second Coming

Dear Friends

I write to you to warn you to be on the lookout for these signs of the Second Coming Of Jesus:

Sign 1: The Bible says there will be wars and rumours of wars.

English: The CNN Center in Atlanta.

Since the advent of CNN,we no longer have rumours of wars, we now have live real-time coverage. So the first sign will be that CNN will go off air, and we will have to start relying on rumours again.

Sign 2: He shall return accompanied by a multitude of angels blowing trumpets.

TrumpetThe angels can only get these trumpets from two sources – earthly music shops, or from heaven. Since the Bible does not mention that anyone who goes to heaven has to work in a trumpet factory, we can assume they will get them from music shops on earth. So be on the look out for large quantity trumpet purchases from your local retailer.

Sign 3: Everyone in the world will witness His Descent on clouds from Heaven.

This is not possible on a round planet, so the third sign is one you cannot miss – the earth will become flat again, as it was in the Bible days.

Please dear friends, be vigilant , this is serious.


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