So atheists are people too?

Progress in reaching common ground between what appear to be irreconcilable viewpoints often happens in slow increments. But our attention spans and fondness for hyperbole gets in the way of recognising this, and perhaps perpetuates unnecessary disagreement. Last week the Pope dared to suggest that atheists might find their way to heaven, or at least […]

The Catholic Church is Damaging Africa With Its Immoral Doctrine

The Catholic Church is a deeply wicked institution, damaging Africa, and in fact the world, with its immoral, scandalous, victimizing doctrine. How dare the Catholic leaders still insist that a “No Condom” policy is in any way consistent with a deity, who they claim to be of perfect morals and void of error. How dare […]

Kenya Condom Advert Opposed by Catholic Church

Kenya’s Roman Catholic Church has condemned a Catholic group for a billboard and newspaper advertising campaign promoting condom use. The US-based Catholics for Choice was planting “negative attitudes” that could destroy the nation’s “moral fibre”, church leaders said. Catholics for Choice defend it, saying it could curb the spread of HIV. Around 1.6 million people […]

Cardinal Napier and a Mild Case of Paedophilia

“Paedophilia as a psychological illness, a disorder, not a criminal condition”, said Wilfrid Fox Napier, the Catholic Archbishop of Durban. In an interview with the Stephen Nolan programme on BBC Radio 5 live, the South African cardinal said that people who were themselves abused as children and then abused others needed to be examined by […]