God and Moses

Why God Never Got A PhD

Religious folk claim that God is all-powerful and all-knowing. However, if he’s so all knowing, why doesn’t he have a PhD? Well, let’s explore this a little further. 1. He had only one major publication. 2. It was written in Aramaic, not in English. 3. It has no references. 4. It wasn’t even published in […]

Prophet Boateng Ghana

Pastor Arrested For Performing Fake Miracles At Revival

Prophet Boateng was alleged to have contracted and paid two young ladies to make appearance at his healing revival at the Grace and Light Chapel at Awoshie A-Lang in Accra [Ghana] where he was invited to minister at a week-long revival programme.According to informationavailable to Today, the two ladies claimed to have been cured after the man […]


Meet the Man Who Has Been to Heaven 4 Times

After regular visits to heaven, Sibusiso is drawing a map. Soon everyone will know everything about heaven. Never forget, this knowledge originated in South Africa. MANDENI – Sibusiso Mthembu, a 64-year-old man from KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa tells it in all seriousness. And who knows, he may even be telling the truth about having visited heaven four times, so […]

The rise of atheism in modern Kenya

The Rise of Atheism in Modern Kenya

In the deeply religious society that is Kenya, Ssemakula Mukiibi stands out like a sore thumb over his beliefs… or, more appropriately, lack thereof. The 45-year-old computer scientist says he does not believe in the existence of God, even though he would like to have a supernatural being to revere. He has gone through various […]

Zulu Jesus

Meet the Zulu Jesus

After the recent claims by an Australian man that he is Jesus Christ, it seems as if South Africa is not to be outdone. KwaZulu-Natal now has its own self-proclaimed Jesus, with a compound, followers, and everything. No word yet on how Australia’s Jesus is taking this. A man from Eshowe who claimed to be the reincarnation […]


Alien vs. Christian – First Encounter

Imagine aliens just came to visit us here on earth and we told them we are Christians. You know aliens are intelligent, so just imagine this conversation. Alien: Hey, my friend. Human: Hey dawg. Alien: What are you? Human: I am a human being. Alien: Ok, I believe in nature and science. I want to […]


Christians Grow Anxious in 100% Islamic Sudan

KHARTOUM – When Pastor Kamis went to visit his small church in the Sudanese capital just before Christmas last year, he found a pile of rubble and the remains of a single blue wall. Hours earlier, authorities had sent in a bulldozer and workers backed by police to demolish the Africa Inland church, which used […]