Trainee Sangoma Dead

Dead Boy Stays Dead – Trainee Sangoma Doesn’t Come Back To Life

“Originally I was told that my son had died and I went with my sister to identify the body. We buried him. I paid the required deposit money of R1 100 to the sangoma and was willing to see my son coming back healed'” said Anna.

Magic Nigeria

Magic is real in Nigeria

Nigeria is a magical place where magic exist. People believe it therefore it must be true, right? Teekay Akin provides his view on the phenomenon. Did you know that in Nigeria, the majority still believe magic is real? They assume that what David Blaine, Criss Angel and Prof. Pellar do and did is actually real! […]


Height Limit for Witches Flying on Broomsticks

The days when witches could enjoy the untethered freedom of flying high in the sky are, regrettably, over. Like airplanes and helicopters, witches on broomsticks must also obey Swaziland’s aviation laws. Witches flying above 150 metres (492 feet) will be subject to arrest and a hefty fine of R500 000 ($55 000 USD), civil aviation […]